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About G&PP

turning ideas into products.

Our creative design studio, print plant and distribution facilities are all housed under one roof - perfect for clients requiring time sensitive results. Alternatively you may just need a first-class print partner, who can cater for all your print and distribution needs. Whichever element of our service you need is fine by us, you will receive a reliable, helpful service that will suit your budget and schedule.

OUR Services

Creative Design

Our creative team is not your average design set-up, they are 21st century Picassos with a purpose; that of providing design solutions across the full spectrum of visual communication – design for print, signage, branding and web. By consistently delivering effective results, we are able to build a trust with our clients that repeatedly pays dividends when schedules are tight.

Print & Signage

We know it isn’t just being competitive that attracts companies to us, although it is a key factor. Reliability, product quality and ability to accommodate tight schedules are areas of our service that are vital to customer satisfaction as is our ability to produce most of your print requirements. Think about your signage needs too, we even have an erecting service if required.

Schools & Colleges

With plans and schedules constantly fluctuating we are aware that many of the items you require will be needed yesterday. By having an extensive array of facilities under one roof, coupled with a confident can-do approach we can invariably accommodate your requests, even when banners, brochures, posters, leaflets and a mailing are all required on the same day.

staying ahead of trends.

Our clients are daring and successful business people, manufacturers, educational centres, international companies and public institutions. All have one prevailing trait - they are bold and exacting, they like to stay ahead of trends and work with the best.

Since inception in 1998 we have offered the very best in creative design coupled with superb print. Our whole operation of design and print is conducted under one roof – the fusion of creativity and print excellence. A seamless operation, proven to be the quickest and most cost efficient method of production.

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